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Signs It's Time to Replace the Lighting in Your Commercial Parking Lot

Investing in quality lighting for your parking lot is imperative to protect your employees, clients and visitors. A poorly lit parking lot enables muggings, car vandalisms and other misfortunes. As a property owner, it's crucial to regularly monitor activities in the area and determine whether it's time to invest in new lighting. Below are some telltale signs that indicate you need to replace the lights in your commercial parking lot.

Multiple Blown Bulbs

If you are replacing bulbs every week in your parking lot, it's time to rethink your lighting system. This problem could be caused by two issues:

If your wiring system is old, there's a chance it is faulty or the components are loose. If this is the case, too much heat is transmitted to the bulb, causing it to blow. Similarly, if you're using traditional incandescent bulbs, you should brace yourself for more future replacements—these bulbs tend to blow often due to the high amount of heat generated during light production.

Contact a commercial electrician to inspect your lighting's wiring to check for faults. If you are using traditional bulbs for your parking lot, replace them with LED ones. Since LED bulbs produce little heat, they don't explode as often as their incandescent counterparts.

Increased Car Accidents

High reports of car accidents in your parking lot indicate that the space has poor lighting. A poorly lit parking area makes it hard for drivers to maneuver around. As a result, they may end up scratching other cars or bumping into parking lot curbs. To avoid this, examine the area's lighting system. Do you have enough bulbs? If so, are they producing enough light to illuminate the entire space? If not, hire an electrician to design a suitable parking lot lighting system to prevent accidents.

Cases of Crime in Your Parking Lot

As aforementioned, a poorly lit parking space increases the risk of crime. If there are blind spots in the lot, burglars can hide and pounce on customers and visitors as they walk to their cars. A well-lit space deters burglars and increases safety. Therefore, if you have been receiving reports of increased theft in your parking lot, reassess your lighting system. If possible, you can even invest in motion-sensor lights which go on when they detect motion. These can deter thieves from hiding out in your parking lot.

Quality lighting is the key to increasing safety in a parking lot. Talk to a commercial electrician if you notice these and other signs pointing to a vulnerable and unreliable lighting system in your facility.