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Is Your Home Wiring as Safe as It Should Be?

How safe are the electrical systems in your home? As a homeowner, the safety and well-being of your family should always be your top priority. You will ensure that the doors and windows of your home are securely locked. You will make certain that the roof is looked after and that there are no damp areas where mould could grow, but the electrical wiring is different. Wiring is hidden out of sight and is easy to forget about it until something goes wrong. If your electrical wiring hasn't been inspected for a number of years, then it is always worth calling an electrician to take a look at it and make sure it is still safe. The electrician will be able to tell whether or not your home needs electrical rewiring and can save you from the dangers of electric shock or fire.

Here are four signs that the wiring in your home may no longer be safe:

Do your circuit-breakers trip often?

All circuit-breakers will trip occasionally; it is their role to trip and to protect the wiring in your home, but if you find that a particular circuit-breaker is tripping repeatedly, then that is a sign that there is probably something wrong in the circuit, and you will need to get it checked out.

Do you receive an electrical shock when plugging in your devices?

You should never receive a shock when plugging in or unplugging your devices. If you receive a shock, then the wires are exposed in some way or not securely in the terminals where they should be. Receiving an electrical shock is an indication that your home may need an electrical rewiring, so speak to an electrician today.

Can you see damaged wiring around your home?

While most electrical wiring will be hidden in the walls of your property, it may be that you can see signs of wiring damage around your plug sockets or lighting fittings. Maybe you can even notice some exposed wires that you know could provide you with a nasty shock. If the wiring is obviously damaged, then arrange for an electrical rewiring today.

Do your lights flicker?

While there can be a variety of reasons for flickering lights, they can be a sign of worn-out wiring. If your lights flicker or dim frequently, especially when you plug new devices into your circuits, then you may need to arrange for electrical rewiring work. Get in touch with businesses like G B Electrical Contractors to discuss the best solution for your home.