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Why You Should Install an Emergency Lighting System at Home

Have you ever tried to find your way around in a pitch dark room? It doesn't matter how familiar you may be with the surroundings in the daylight, you may struggle to make much progress in this scenario. Of course, you can generally reach out to flick a switch and illuminate the room before you do anything else, but in an emergency situation, you might not have this option. What should you do instead?

Problems With Pitch Black

Many people like to sleep in total darkness and have blackout curtains fitted for just such a purpose. Others are lucky to live on a street where there is little outside lighting anyway, so they can nod off and stay asleep without any distraction.

All this is well and good in normal, everyday life, but if an emergency were to arise, it could be very problematic. If there's a fire in the building and it has cut off the power supply, then you may find it difficult to navigate your way toward safety, and you may not have a torch on hand to help.

Benefits of Emergency Lighting

Instead, think about installing an emergency lighting system in your home. As you may know, a commercial establishment is required to have just such a system in place, but there is no requirement in law to fit one in your house.

Think about problem areas as you draw up a plan. You may well be able to grope your way in the dark to your bedroom door, but what about those stairs and other obstacles that may get in the way?

In this case, place what is known as a "non-maintained" emergency light in the most appropriate place, and it will only come on in the event of such an emergency. If the regular power supply is interrupted, this type of light is designed to activate, and it will always provide you with help as you make your emergency exit. Just remember that you will need to service this light from time to time to make sure that it is still in working order and can continue to wait on standby.

Talk with an electrician like those at A.J.C. Electrical Service Pty Ltd about this problem and see what they can offer. They can help you to draw up a plan and can then install these emergency lights as soon as possible. Don't wait until an actual emergency to find out the hard way.