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How to Cool Your Home Cost-Effectively When Summer Rolls around

Do you live in an older Australian home that does not have central air conditioning? If so, you may be fed up with the increasingly long summer season and would dearly love to do something about this issue before next time. However, you may not be in the market for a full A/C system due to cost and other factors but could still make a significant difference with a simple approach. What should you be thinking about with an eye on both comfort and cost?

Ceiling Fan Installation

If your home is not equipped with ceiling fans in each room, then you need to take a close look at this option. These fans are very economical and can help to keep the air moving around the home during those steamy days. Typically, each fan will only use about as much power as a standard lightbulb and, therefore, you can leave them on for extended periods of time without worry.

Additional Benefits

Furthermore, ceiling fans are very quiet and will not interrupt your sleep pattern, unlike some of those loud and intrusive A/C units. They won't dry out the air either, so you needn't worry about an itchy throat or any dry skin when you install these fans throughout.

Winter Benefits

Did you know that you can reverse the direction of airflow by flicking a switch on the side of the fan? Remember that warm air will always rise up towards the ceiling, so in the winter months, this will push the air back down into the room itself. Consequently, it will help to make conditions more pleasant.

Augmenting A/C

Even if you have an air conditioning system in place, consider introducing ceiling fans as well. You'll be able to turn up the thermostat on the A/C and save electricity into the bargain.


You may be surprised to see just how cheap a high-quality ceiling fan is to buy. You may have to invest a little for installation, but your operational costs will be very low.

Eye on the Environment

If you're worried about the environment and the size of your carbon footprint, this is definitely the way to go. Due to the lower operational costs involved here, you needn't worry about your carbon emissions.


Get an electrician to install ceiling fans before the hot season rolls around. You'll find that this is a very cost-efficient way to keep your family cool.

To learn more, contact an electrician in your area.