Making Your Home Smarter

Planning a New Home Build? Look Carefully at Your Power Installation

If you have the luxury of designing your own home from scratch, then you should take full advantage of your opportunity. You will want to work with architects and designers to come up with a plan that is both practical and cutting-edge, and you will also need to work with various contractors to fit everything out. Electrical power is, of course, essential but you shouldn't treat it as an afterthought or something that is merely utilitarian. Take some time and put some thought into your power installation, for a variety of different reasons.

Careful Planning

You will be guided by the size and scale of the property and, fundamentally, how many individual rooms you will include. If you plan to add a sizeable swimming pool, Jacuzzi and other water features, this is a separate part of the plan and will require its own installation, with different safety parameters. Inside, however, you will need to be quite specific if you want your power to be supplied in the right place and to the correct specification.


For example, where do you want those power sockets to be? In a "cookie-cutter" home build they will be placed along the wall at skirting board level in those familiar and traditional locations. As a new occupant, you will need to make do with that situation and won't have much choice when it comes to placing all your appliances or components. Here, you can configure each room according to your actual needs and then place the sockets accordingly. If practical, you can hide them so that they are out of sight from an aesthetic point of view.


The same goes for your lighting requirement, although here you can be more creative. Once again, a standard home design may call for a single lighting rose in the centre of the ceiling, but here you might choose a different configuration for each individual space. Figure out what you're going to do in that room and how the furniture will be placed before you decide on your lighting requirement. You may not install a ceiling light of any kind in a bedroom, for example, but choose washes, wall mounted lights or other options.


If you want to make cleaning less of a chore, think about installing an in-wall vacuum system. Again, be careful where you place the outlets and take into account the size and style of furniture in each room as you do.


These are just some areas to consider as you plan your power installation. Talk with an experienced electrician for further guidance. 

For more information, contact a power installation service.