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Reasons why you shouldn't attempt DIY electrical work

DIY work has become quite popular, thanks to the tutorials on YouTube. However, you should never attempt DIY electrical works unless you're an electrician. You might save money on labour, but you could lose more than just money if the electrical works go wrong. Instead, hire an electrical contractor to handle the repairs or installation and avoid future complications.

DIY electrical work is dangerous. Thus, hire an electrical contractor every time you have electrical work. Some of the dangers include the following.

1. Fire hazards

More than 40 per cent of home fires in New South Wales are as a result of electrical issues. A good number of these fires are credited to faulty repairs. The internet is a great learning tool, but it doesn't equate to years of experience. A few hours of YouTube tutorials don't mean that you can handle the same tasks as an electrical contractor.

You can easily miss details such as faulty wiring or naked wires that a licensed electrician wouldn't miss. Even the slightest error could cause a power surge or short circuit leading to a fire hazard.

2. Electrocution

Have you ever been electrocuted while trying to play with electricity or appliances? It could be mild electrocution or extreme electrocution, especially when dealing with high voltage. Electrocution can cause fatalities, which are avoidable by hiring electrical contractors.

These professionals have the skills, expertise and tools to handle such scenarios.

3. Long-term costs

While DIY electrical repairs are cheaper as you eliminate the need for professional labour, they're costly over time. A small fix will fix the problem, but over time, your DIY projects will have errors, which will require costly repairs in the future.

Also, your DIY repairs could overload the grid, leading to legal disputes or even your home burning down. Your repairs might work for a short period, only to fail later. This would require professional help which you'll have to pay.

4. Nullifies insurance claim

In case your DIY electrical repairs cause damages such as fires, your insurance provider may reject the insurance claim. Damage due to DIY repairs is categorised under the deliberate negligence of the homeowner. They can decide not to compensate for such losses.

DIY repairs can be a great hobby, but electrical repairs should be exclusively handled by electrical professionals. Hire an electrician for both minor and major electrical works. Resist the urge to fix your electrical problems without professional help. Don't risk damaging your property or your life by conducting DIY repairs.