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How To Determine Whether You Need An Commercial Or Industrial Electrician

If you own or rent a warehouse, retail store or office space and have encountered electrical issues, you probably did some research and found two repair professionals: commercial electricians or industrial electricians. The two sound applicable to all the aforementioned cases and it can be confusing as to which you should call. Is there even a difference between the two services or are they just using synonyms to advertise themselves better? Before you call one of them it is important that you know a brief outline of what to expect from each service, because they definitely are not exactly the same. 

Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is qualified to work on large, commercial properties to either repair broken electrical systems or plan new grids for an upcoming project. They do all the typical work that you would associate with an electrician, including repairing electrical switch boxes, fixing the wiring, installing new data points and so on. Their main difference with regular, residential electricians is that they have more qualifications, which allow them to make new connections to the power grid, and they have more manpower and specific equipment for larger jobs. If you just need minor repair work in your office block or warehouse, then a commercial electrician is who you should call.

Industrial Electrician 

An industrial electrician is a much more specific role that pretty much only works for very big companies. They operate and monitor a lot of very big machinery and specific tools, such as those used in the mining or manufacturing industry. They also work a lot with hydraulic systems, both diagnosing problems in them and designing new systems for them. If you need an industrial electrician, you are most likely in quite a niche industry that has its own proprietary equipment. While they are certified electricians, they have refined their role into one aspect of electrical work.

Why Do You Need A Commercial Electrician And Not A Residential Electrician?

While the problems in your commercial premises may seem reminiscent of something you would find at home, such as faulty lights or a malfunctioning heater, what goes on behind the scenes is very different. Most commercial electricians have spent years in this industry and know the ins and outs of a larger grid, while also carrying special diagnostic tools that help them locate problems quicker. Many commercial electricians began as residential electricians, but on a purely apples to apples comparison, the two are not the same. You should want the most experienced and prepared professional for your job, and that will always be the commercial electrician.