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When Should You Call an Electrician for Flickering Lights in Your Residence?

Residential electrical problems vary vastly in severity, but most homeowners can agree that the most annoying issue that one can experience is flickering lights. While it is mostly innocuous, it is important to note that flickering can be a symptom of a much larger underlying problem that would require immediate attention, or you could end up being inconvenienced by no power altogether. But how can you tell if the periodic flickering is merely a pesky nuisance or if it is a red flag of something much more serious? Read on to learn when it would be imperative to call an electrician for flickering lights in your residence.

A single bulb is flickering in the home

If you are experiencing the flickering from one bulb in your entire house, chances are that the bulb itself is faulty. In typical cases, this would come about when the bulb has come loose in the socket, which means it is not receiving electric power as it should be. You can easily solve this problem by turning the switch off, tightening the bulb in place, and switching it back on. On the other hand, the bulb may be flickering since it is on the fritz so replacement would be the best solution. In this instance, you would not need to hire an electrician to fix the problem.

Multiple bulbs are flickering in one section

When different bulbs start to flicker but in one section of your home, you should be wary of a larger underlying problem. This section could be limited to one room in your home or it could be an entire floor. But as long as the lights in a specific part of your home have developed this issue, it is likely that you are contending with a circuitry problem. It is inadvisable to try and replace the bulbs in an attempt to resolve the problem. Instead, you should call an electrician as they will have the right tools to accurately diagnose if the circuit has developed a loose connection.

Bulbs flicker when you turn on an appliance

If you notice that the bulbs in your home only begin to flicker the moment that you start using a large appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner, a blender or even a hairdryer, you should be concerned about a circuit overload. Large appliances are notorious for consuming a substantial amount of electricity and this places a heavy load on the home's circuit breaker. The best way to resolve this problem is to upgrade the wiring, as your current electrical system is unable to meet your power demands. This is an issue that is especially common in older homes, as the wiring tends to be multiple decades old, which means it is incapable of accommodating all the devices and appliances that are a staple in the digital era.

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