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The Various Types of Commercial Lighting Available

In commercial settings, a lot can go wrong without the proper lighting. It can cause mistakes and delays in the production process that could damage your business' reputation. That is why you need the correct lights installed for the smooth running of your business.

Over the years, lighting fixtures have evolved a lot and for the better. You now have a wide range of lights, like LED lights which are brighter and full of technological benefits. Each type serves a unique purpose. Because of that, it is essential to learn each of these commercial lighting options so that you can make the right choice when purchasing them. Take a look at more details below.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling like chandeliers to provide extra brightness. If you are working in an area where the main light does not seem to illuminate very well, you should get yourself one of these commercial lights. They are available in various designs for a stylish working space. 

Halogen/Flood Lights

These commercial lights are ideal for outdoor areas because of their massive brightness. The light is sufficient to allow you to spot intruders even in the dead of night. In fact, they are so bright that they can temporarily mess with your eyesight if you dare stare at them. You will notice these types of lighting in football pitches, baseball fields and parking lots. Though bright, floodlights are energy efficient.

High and Mid Bay Lights/Luminaires

They can also be referred to as metal halides. They go well with small working spaces with high ceilings. One fixture is enough to light the entire office, warehouse, or production house. They are bright enough and do not produce a lot of heat, thus making the indoor environment comfortable. Additionally, they last long, and they do not require a lot of energy, thus making them ideal for busy settings.

Recessed Bulbs

If your ceilings have hollows, recessed lights are the best to use. You will mostly spot such ceilings in a bank or retail store. Due to their design, they are also commonly referred to as downlights. These commercial lights offer comfort to the eyes and bring a unique and sophisticated look to the working area.

Cleanroom Bulbs

If you are after lights that are energy-efficient, waterproof, positive locking, dust-free, and easy to clean, cleanroom lights are a suitable option. As the name suggests, cleanroom lights hide no error in the working area. Because of that, they are ideal when dealing with food and pharmaceutical products. 

Now that you know the types of commercial lighting available, you will make more informed decisions when purchasing the lights. Having an electrician during this process is also crucial. They will guide you in your selection since they have better experience in the field.