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Ways You'll Benefit From Installing LED Light Globes in Your Home

One way to save on lighting bills and make your home more energy efficient is to switch to LED globes. Here are some of the ways you'll benefit.

Less Heat Generation

Incandescent globes produce heat and, coincidentally, emit light as well. An electric current flows through a filament in the globe, thus heating it until it emits a glow. LED lights use a different technology that generates less heat. Thus, you can feel safer installing these lights in confined spaces such as cabinets, as they'll not grow as hot as incandescent and halogen globes, which present a greater fire risk. Recessed ceiling lights are also in a confined space, so they mustn't overheat.

Less Sensitive

One annoying thing about incandescent globes is that they can fail to work simply after a gentle knock. For example, you might drop the globe while in its box or even put it down heavily on a countertop. Even a relatively slight bump can cause an incandescent globe to stop working, as its operation relies on a fine filament inside the glass. However, an LED globe is more resilient and breaks less easily. So even if you knock a table lamp over, it's more likely to still work.

Longer Lasting

Even though LED globes are more expensive than incandescent ones, they last much longer. Also, they use less electricity to produce the same level of light. LED lights are measured in terms of lumens. You can usually see on the box the equivalent wattage of an incandescent globe that an LED globe can replace. You'll also notice how much lower wattage the LED globe uses in comparison, which is also printed on the packaging.

Different Colour Options

LED technology allows manufacturers to create specific shades of light. Thus, you could opt for a cool white or a globe with a soft yellow glow, similar to the shade of incandescent illumination. Alternatively, choose a globe somewhere in between that emulates daylight.

Incandescent globes only let you choose a brightness level rather than different shades. Thus, LED lights give you a lot of control over the mood and ambiance of your home. For a bedside table lamp, you could insert a warm shade for a cozy atmosphere. For under cabinet lighting, you could install cooler strip lights.

Ongoing Savings

Overall, your house will be more energy efficient with led lighting installed throughout. This will not only provide ongoing savings on bills, but it can also make your home more attractive to buyers if you sell it in the future. The house will be up-to-date and help anyone living there reduce their carbon footprint, something many people are interested in.