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Candice Jimenez

Why Is a Commercial Lighting Retrofit Such a Good Idea?

As a business owner, you may be looking for ways to save money on your energy bill, and in recent years, many companies have turned to a commercial lighting retrofit. This upgrade involves replacing old, inefficient lighting with newer, more energy-efficient lighting options. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also has a significant impact on your botto

Appliance Repairs: 3 Tips For Preparing For The Service Appointment

Proper appliance use and maintenance will prevent malfunctions and failures. In general, residential and commercial appliances are designed to last with reliable performance. However, if a unit is used incorrectly and neglected without regular upkeep, it will deteriorate with time. Immediate repair is essential when an appliance declines in operation or fails. The pro

Planning a Subdivision? Everything You Need to Know About Electrical Connections

Have you ever wondered what subdivision planning involves? Do you think it's only about marking off plots and selling them to different buyers? Subdivision planning consists of numerous complex facets to consider, including electrical connections. All these aspects help determine whether the proposed lots are feasible. Here's everything you need to know about electric

Five Signs It Is Time To Update Your Commercial Lighting

When it comes to commercial lighting, different types of fixtures can be used to create different effects for your business.  If you have been using the same type of commercial lighting for years and it is starting to look dingy or faded, then it may be time for an update. Here are five signs that it is time to update your commercial lighting: Your Bulbs Are Out

Four Signs There Are Problems With Your Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring problems can be a major hassle for any homeowner. Not only are the conditions potentially hazardous, but they can also cause issues when it comes time to sell your home. For example, if you call the electrician to take care of a problem and they find that there are multiple issues with your electrical wiring, you could be in for a costly repair bill.